Bees and Queens

For sale 2020 season.

  • Five frame nucleus of bees.  (starter colony)  Orders now taken.
  • UK reared and mated Queen.

From May weather depending.

Raised from my own Amm stock or “locally adapted”   queens grafted from my productive stocks.   They are supplied in a poly nuc box with mesh floors and a feeder. The adjustable entrance means they can just be closed up and transported without the dangers of transplanting bees at dusk when you collect them.  Alternatively I can deliver and transplant directly into your hive. The poly nuc will be useful for rearing your own in the future or as a handy swarm collection box.

Please call for prices.

Queens for sale

Open mated Amm Queens.  An ideal way to have some control over your bees. By adding these queens to your stocks will result in pure “Black bee drones ” and will help to improve the background stability of our native bees and help to undo the damage caused by those that choose to use imported Queens of various races.  All this years stock will be taken from pure Amm alongside grafts taken from my own existing production hives that whilst hybridised are adapted to the unique climate we have on the borders. They are open mated and as such colour may vary in the progeny produced.

We are currently developing an isolated mating site at 850ft on the Welsh border. Eventually the aim is to produce pure race Amm bees in an open mating setting with all the drones being our own.