Swarm collection

Do you have a swarm in the Herefordshire or surrounding area?  Then please call me and I will do my utmost to give them a new home. 

Safety First

You may hear people say that a swarm of honeybees is not aggressive, this to a large extent is true, but remember, the swarm will contain several thousand, or likely tens of thousands of bees, all equipped with a sting which they are prepared to use if they feel threatened either as a colony or individually. If you see a swarm, please keep children, pets and yourself a safe distance from it just in case.

When you see a swarm of bees in the garden they will be either swirling in the air, or hanging in a beard type shape, probably in a tree or on a fence, but it can be almost anywhere, they have been seen on buildings and cars amongst other unusual and difficult to reach places. A colony, or what’s commonly called a bees nest is when they have made it a permanent home, these are more tricky to get out and transplant but doable.

 Please be aware that once a swarm gets inside a cavity, it’s nigh on impossible to retrieve them without damaging property or harming the bees. There are ways and means, but beyond my experience.